CENTURI - The Turing Centre for Living Systems

Ce PhD Program concerne des informaticiens, des physiciens ou des mathématiciens exceptionnels ayant un projet de biologie théorique et/ou computationnelle.

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ICI - Institut Cancer & Immunologie

L’Institut d’établissement Institut Cancer et Immunologie - ICI - lance son appel d’offres contrats doctoraux, en vue de financer 3 doctorants à partir de la rentrée 2024.

Appel à projets avec formulaires à télécharger :


  • Attribution de 3 Contrats Doctoraux 2024-2027
  • Concours 2024 : Juin 2024
  • Date limite de candidature : 15 mai 2024

Toutes les informations et sujets sur le site dédié.


IM2B - Institut Microbiologie, Bioénergies et Biotechnologie

L’Institut d’établissement Microbiologie, Bioénergies et Biotechnologie (IM2B) lance son appel d’offres contrats doctoraux, en vue de financer 2 doctorants à compter de la rentrée 2024.

Appel d'offre 2024

Date limite de candidature le 15 avril 2024.


NEUROSCHOOL - PhD program in Neurosciences

  • NeuroSchool PhD contracts in neuroscience are available at Aix Marseille University, France

    Information and application on:

    Deadline : April 14, 2024

    Three of the following proposed projects will be funded :

  • 1. ASSAIANTE Christine (CRPN), RANJEVA Jean-Philippe (CRMBM): Understanding the role of sensorimotor representation in dyslexia: neural basis and impact of comorbidity  
  • 2. BECLIN Christophe (IBDM): Role of micro-RNAs in the fate determination of neural progenitors during cortex development in the mouse brain
  • 3. BERNARD-MARISSAL Nathalie (MMG), MARISSAL Thomas (INMED): Oligodendrocytes: a key metabolic support for energy-voracious parvalbumin neurons?
  • 4. BROCHIER Thomas & MEIRHAEGHE Nicolas (INT): Neural decoding of motor cortex dynamics during learning of skilled arm movements
  • 5. GESTREAU Christian & MENUET Clément (INMED): Cracking the neuronal code that generates the breathing rhythm
  • 6. JIRSA Viktor & DEPANNEMAECKER Damien (INS): Multiscale Models to Link Cellular Mechanisms of Dopamine Neuromodulation to whole-brain Dynamics
  • 7. MANENT Jean-Bernard (INMED): Multimodal profiling of epilepsy onset and progression in preclinical models of cortical malformations
  • 8. MASSON Guillaume & CAZETTES Fanny (INT): Identifying the distributed neural circuit for strategy selection
  • 9. MOYON Sarah (INP): Role of oligodendroglial cells in Alzheimer’s Disease pathology
  • 10. NIVET Emmanuel (INP): Human iPSC-based modeling platforms to study the consequences of astrocytic reactivity in Alzheimer's disease: from molecular investigations to candidate validation
  • 11. OUAGAZZAL Abdel-Mouttalib (CRPN): Cortico-pallidal circuits and motor functions: optogenetic, fiber photometry and behavioral studies in normal and Parkinsonian mice
  • 12. PAPANDREOU Marie-Jeanne (INP): Axonal zoning: interplay between presynapses and the periodic actin-spectrin scaffold
  • 13. WANAVERBECQ Nicolas & TROUSLARD Jérôme (INT): Are spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid contacting neurons novel interoceptors involved in the modulation of supraspinal autonomic centers?