• 1st year of thesis: the ISC is not mandatory but if it is done: addition of the report in ADUM
  • Registration in 2nd year: choice of the members of the ISC obligatory because it must take place during this 2nd year in order to have the report for the registration in 3rd year
  • Registration in 3rd year: mandatory report for registration.
  • Registration in 4th year: registration taking into account the previous reports
  • 5th year and more: CSI mandatory.

From the start of the 2023-2024 academic year: the CSI will be compulsory for each re-registration!


Arrêté du 25 mai 2016 fixant le cadre national de la formation et les modalités conduisant à la délivrance du diplôme national de doctorat modifié par l’arrêté du 26 aout 2022.

Article 11 "Registration is renewed at the beginning of each academic year by the head of the institution, on the proposal of the director of the doctoral school, after receiving the opinion of the thesis director and the doctoral student's individual monitoring committee .... "

Article 14 "Annual extensions may be granted on an exceptional basis by the head of the institution, on the proposal of the thesis director and after the opinion of the monitoring committee and the director of the doctoral school, on the basis of a reasoned request from the doctoral student.

As a reminder, Article 13 has not been modified:

"An individual doctoral student monitoring committee ensures that the course of study runs smoothly, based on the doctoral charter and the training agreement.

It evaluates, in an interview with the doctoral student, the conditions of his/her training and the progress of his/her research.

He/she makes recommendations and sends a report on the interview to the director of the doctoral school, the doctoral student and the thesis director.

The committee is particularly careful to prevent any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment.

The composition, organisation and functioning of this committee are determined by the doctoral school board. The members of this committee do not participate in the direction of the doctoral student's work."


Proposed organisation

Composition of the jury :

  • 1 external expert (external to the Research Unit and/or the Institute)
  • 1 internal representative from the Research Unit but outside the team
  • 1 non-statutory representative (PhD students/post-doc)

The members of the ISC do not participate in the doctoral student's work.

2 - Procedure

  • 1 - Doctoral student (in the presence of the thesis director)
  • 2 - Doctoral student (without supervisor)
  • 3 - Thesis director (without the doctoral student)
  • 4 - Deliberation

3 - Report

To download HERE

Unique report for all the UR attached to ED62


Mission Statement

  • Follow-up of the thesis work (end of first year or second year)
  • Guidance and advice
  • Informal discussion in the presence and absence of the DT and/or the doctoral student
  • Identification of difficulties or conflict
  • Report signed by all parties and sent to the laboratory's CSI referent, the thesis director and the doctoral student, who must file it on his ADUM profile for the Doctoral School.

If necessary, you can send a copy to your Doctoral School's office (Southern sector: - Central sector:



The CSI should meet every year, preferably with the members.

However, the ISC can be held as often as necessary.


Update 15.12.22